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EMPloyment law

Losing a job can have a devastating and traumatic impact, both financially and emotionally. It is imperative that in any termination, you know your rights, especially before signing them away. JASSAL LAW practices in the area of Employment Law, advising and acting for employees who have been terminated or wrongfully dismissed; negotiating termination and severance packages. 


On the flip side, Gurpreet also acts as Counsel for management and employers in advising them on the above matters, as well as assisting employers with drafting employment contracts, agreements,  human resource issues, and implementation of policies, manuals, and codes for the workplace.  

Gurpreet is humbled to be chosen by his peers, the community and his clients as TOP 3 BEST RATED EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS IN BRAMPTON for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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