Jassal Law has garnered a successful civil practice throughout the years, concentrating on civil, commercial, employment and estate litigation. 

In addition, the firm also practices real estate transactions and has a wealth of experience in purchases, sales, refinances, and private lending. 

Jassal Law wishes everyone stays safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world stays in isolation, Jassal Law is set-up for videoconference/virtual services, including consultations and signings using secure platforms, so that your important legal matters are attended to without disruption.   


Jassal Law has satellite meeting rooms located throughout Ontario and offers remote meetings and mobile signing at locations throughout Ontario to accommodate its clients. 



The purchase/sale of real estate may possibly be the biggest investment and transfer of monies in one's personal life. Thus, it is important that one is represented by a solicitor who understands the legalities and intricacies of the transaction, as well as one who is kept abreast of the ever-changing dynamics and legal aspects of this area.  Jassal Law prides itself in having represented individuals, institutions, and corporations in countless real estate transactions, including multi-faceted and complex transactions and private lending, acting for a number of private lenders. Feel free to contact Jassal Law for assistance in providing services related to residential and commercial real estate including: ​ • Purchases • Sales • Re-financing • Private lending 


A Will and Powers of Attorney are important documents requiring the degree of knowledge and skill necessary to implement one's wishes and effectively disposing one's possessions.


Jassal Law has a growing interest in estate planning and drafting of Wills, Powers of Attorney and other testamentary documents. Jassal Law has experience in drafting an array of Wills in accordance with client's instructions and wishes, including the incorporation of various testamentary trust arrangements, such as spousal trusts as well as developing and implementing estate plans for families who have disabled beneficiaries, including the inclusion of a Henson Trust.  Jassal Law has also prepared Wills and Powers of Attorney in compliance with certain religious and cultural requests of clients whilst maintaining the legality of the inclusions.

Jassal Law has handled estate administration matters, including representing, advising and assisting

estate trustees in performance of their trustee duties. In connection with his representation of estate trustees, we have amassed experience with court proceedings and with the preparation of various court applications for estate administration purposes, including probate and passing of accounts applications.


Coupling our Litigation and Estate practices, our Firm also practices Estate Litigation and has represented estate trustees, beneficiaries and next-of-kin in contentious estate matters, such as will challenges and entitlement issues, as well as non-contentious estate matters, such as obtaining guardianship orders and passing of accounts.


Losing a job can have a devastating and traumatic impact, both financially and emotionally. It is imperative that in any termination, you know your rights, especially before signing them away. Jassal Law practices in the area of Labour and Employment Law, advising and acting for employees who have been terminated, wrongfully dismissed, constructively dismissed, fired or laid-off; negotiating termination and severance packages; and matters related to human rights issues. Jassal Law has also acted for employers in advising them on the above noted matters, as well as assisting them in drafting employment contracts, agreements, human resource issues, and the implementation of policies, manuals, and codes at the workplace.


Jassal Law has acted as Counsel on various types of civil and commercial litigation and administrative law matters, included matters pertaining to the following: ​

• debt enforcement

• contractual disputes

• collections of accounts, monies, property

• real estate disputes

• mortgage enforcement, power of sale 

• landlord-tenant matters

• recovery and possession of personal property

• disciplinary hearings Our firm has appeared at various court level, boards, tribunals and administrative bodies, as well as mediations and settlement conferences


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