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JASSAL LAW has garnered a successful litigation practice throughout the years, having acted as Counsel on various types of civil and commercial litigation and administrative law matters, on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, including matters pertaining to:

  • mortgage enforcement

  • contractual disputes

  • debt enforcement

  • collections of accounts, monies and property

  • real estate and lease disputes 

  • recovery and possession of personal property

  • defamation 

Gurpreet supports alternative dispute resolution and out-of-court settlement of matters (where necessary and when beneficial to the client) and is an advocate for mediation and/or arbitration. As such, Gurpreet has obtained his Q. Med. and Q. Arb. designations from the ADR Institute of Canada and, apart from appearing before various Court levels, boards, and tribunals in advocating on behalf his clients, he acts as a mediator and/or arbitrator for many types of disputes. Gurpreet currently volunteers as a Mediator with the DBNC Conflict Resolution Centre in conjunction with the City of Mississauga. 

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