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Wills, estates and trusts

A Will and Powers of Attorney are important documents requiring a degree of knowledge and skill necessary to implement one's wishes and effectively gifting one's possessions. 

JASSAL LAW has prided itself in helping clients in their estate planning and drafting of their testamentary documents. JASSAL LAW has experience in the drafting of an array of Wills, including the incorporation of various testamentary trust arrangements, spousal trusts, as well as developing and implementing estate plans for families of disabled beneficiaries, including the inclusion of Henson Trusts. 

Gurpreet has handled estate administration matters, including representing, advising, and assisting estate trustees in performance of their trustee duties. In connection with his representation of estate trustees, he has amassed experience with Court proceedings and preparation of estate administration purposes, including probate and passing of accounts applications. 

Coupling the Litigation and Estate practices, JASSAL LAW also practices Estate Litigation and has represented estate trustees and beneficiaries in contentious estate matters, such as Will challenges, entitlement, and dependent support claims. 

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